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Career Counseling

All too often, we think of the job we have or the career we are in, as a means to an end, however, it does not have to be that way.  If you feel stuck or unsatisfied with the work you do, you are not alone.  Many people experience career dissatisfaction. Our goal in career counseling is to work on reframing any negative expectations or thoughts you may have, provide insight into a field you are more interested in, and work together to help you develop a plan in order to achieve those career goals.  Career optimization is a matter of exploring what is available to you, and it is our goal to help you get there.



One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal are assessments.  Depending on what we determine through our discussion, we can direct you to what assessment best suits your needs to achieve your career goals.  They can range from career interest inventories, to skill profilers, or values assessments. We will use these assessments to help you find your direction in life by learning more about yourself and what career would actually leave you feeling fulfilled. 

Resume Building

Looking for work can be stressful, and finding ways to have your skills shine compared to other job-seekers can be difficult. Writing a quality resume is challenging, time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort. Our resume building service offers to help you write a resume or curriculum vitae that you can be proud of.  If you are interested in our services simply reach out to us and we can discuss ways to assist you with this process.

Areas of Expertise

  • Loss of Motivation

  • Lack of Direction

  • Work Dissatisfaction

  • Career Transitions 

  • Burnout

  • Job Stress

  • Work Related Concerns

  • Decision Making

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Fear of Failure

  • Dealing with Job Loss

  • Career Setbacks

  • Unrealistic Expectations

  • Work/Life Balance

Call Us For More Information

Same day or week appointments may be available. 

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