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What to Expect

Making the decision to seek therapy can be hard and picking up that phone to schedule an appointment may feel intimidating, however, we hope to ease up some of that anxiety by outlining what to expect in therapy when working with us.

Getting Started

First of all, it's absolutely normal to feel worried, scared, or tense when beginning to make the steps toward a therapeutic journey. You may have even done your own research on various solutions to your problems and attempted alternative methods prior to making the call for professional help. Or maybe you just hoped that if you pushed the issue away for long enough, avoided it, and pretended like you were okay, then the problem would just go away on its own. Unfortunately, avoidance of our issues tends to only lead to long-term growth of vicious cycles of depression, anxiety, and self-fulfilling prophecies. However, we're here to help you break those cycles and achieve optimal mental health and overall wellness.

When choosing your therapist, it's also normal to feel anxious about just the thought of sharing personal information with a complete stranger. It's a good idea to do your research and find a therapist that you believe would be a good fit for you. We offer free 15 minute phone consultations with our therapists to give you the chance and opportunity to ask any questions about their approach, specialties, and experiences prior to scheduling your appointment in order to ensure that it would be a good match. After all, the connection you establish with your is extremely important in your therapeutic journey.

The First Session

If you decide that we are good match, then we will schedule your first session. This session will be primarily focused on gathering information about your background/history as well as present issues/concerns, so that we can develop an understanding of your individual needs and therapeutic goals. This is also our time to simply get to know each other by building rapport and establishing trust and confidence in one another. Our top priority is that you feel comfortable, safe and secure and that you experience an environment that provides unconditional support and empathy, feels genuine and is free of judgment.

Session Structure

When first starting out in your therapeutic journey, it's typical to have a session once a week. This gives you the best opportunity to truly get the most out of the therapeutic process by being able to work at a consistent pace and reach your goals sooner. Once we see that significant progress is being made, we start to tailor down our sessions to once every other week and eventually once a month to check in and maintain your progress. Afterwards, when we both agree that your goals have been met then we may terminate our sessions but the door will always be open for any future concerns that may arise.

The overall goal is not to be in therapy forever, it is to be able to provide you with the tools you need to better manage emotions and gain new perspectives on life for when hardships arise. We can not get rid of negative emotions because it's what makes us human, but we can learn to cope with them and accept them as a part of being human rather than having them take over. Even when you feel out of control, you will always have control over one of the important aspects in life...your perspective.

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Same day or week appointments may be available. 

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