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Group Counseling

Even in those times when we feel the most isolated and alone, there are others out there experiencing the same thoughts. This is where our group counseling services come in. This is a chance to meet with others going through similar situations. With group counseling you have an opportunity to connect and share your thoughts, experiences, and emotions in a safe and nonjudgmental space. We work to help facilitate healthy discussions, teach new coping techniques and establish a sense of common humanity.

Support Group Session

Codependency Group

Codependency is defined as a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s unhealthy or maladaptive lifestyle. In other words, individuals who are codependent put other’s needs before their own and feel like they are helping them by doing so.

Our codependency group helps individuals to learn how to let go of the things that they cannot control. This group helps educate on the importance of letting go of the control people have on others and others have on them, managing the stress of emotional attachments, building healthy personal boundaries, taking personal responsibility, and developing positive social skills.


Anxiety can be defined as intense, excessive, and persistent worry or fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur. It is a normal and often healthy emotion. However, when you regularly feel disproportionate levels of anxiety, it can interfere with your daily functioning.  The goal of our services is to help normalize the feeling and develop ways to cope with anxiety and reframe the worrisome thoughts.


Losing a someone you love, getting let go from a job, going through a divorce, feeling a lack of accomplishment, and other difficult situations can lead a person to feel sad, lonely, or scared. These feelings are normal reactions to life's stressors. Most people feel low and sad at times. However, it is not something to have to go through alone.  With a support group you have a chance to hear from others, and share your experiences.  

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Same day or week appointments may be available. 

All services are being offered through Telehealth only at this time.

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